We have a dedicated team that specialize in the cutting down of

trees and clearing of vegetation.  The cutting is mostly done

manually with chainsaws and brush cutters to minimize the

impact on the environment.  The cut material is chipped and

the large material is carted away to a suitable dump site.


Weed Control:  We specialize in the application of herbicide

to control the growth of alien invaders and the growth of grass

on paving and along security fences.  All trees cut are sprayed

with a chemical to prevent re-growth.  We can further sterilize

the soil prior to the planting of grass by means of fumigation to

ensure that all weeds are killed before the grass is planted.


Maintenance: Our services include the mowing of lawns, trimming

of edges and the general garden maintenance.  We use the services

of a land-scalping professional and supervise the work carried out

to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the end result.